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Stakeholder Response

I applaud this thoughtful initiative to seek to introduce a scheme which will help mediators around the world to raise their own and others' standards and to make sure that the services of mediators are available, understood and valued among a range of users in commerce, government and elsewhere. There is a great need for the skills and techniques employed by mediators to be utilised in a much broader range of activity than at present, to the great benefit of our world. We in Scotland hope to join with others in encouraging the use of IMI as an important part of our future in mediation.

John Sturrock QC

John Sturrock QC


Chief Executive and Founder, Core Solutions Group

John has been involved in hundreds of mediations, frequently high value, multi-party, covering a broad range of issues in the commercial and public sectors, finance and banking, corporate management, government and sport. These have included a multiplicity of interests, including commercial contracts, financial instruments, shareholder and boardroom, insurance, construction and engineering, infrastructure, intellectual property, real estate, high performance sport, senior level employment, investor matters, taxation, IT, professional indemnity, agriculture, landlord and tenant, oil and gas, procurement and transport.

John Sturrock has for many years been the leading commercial mediator in Scotland with a practice that extends to the rest of the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Known for his innovative and creative approach, since leaving active practice at the Scottish Bar in 2002, he has pioneered mediation and high quality training in business, the professions and commerce in Scotland and beyond.