Of all the efforts at making mediation mainstream, of all the mammoth initiatives and giant strides by leading proponents, of all our success stories, nothing compares with the IMI vision of standard setting and Industry watch, for without such, mediation remains an endangered specie. 

Kehinde Aina,

Kehinde Aina


Partner, Aina Blankson LP; Honorary President, NCMG International

A partner in the law firm of Aina Blankson, LP, Kenny Aina founded the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse, in 2002 and remains the Honorary President of NCMG International, a leading organisation in the promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management Techniques in Africa.

Kenny Aina is also the Regional Mediator to the World Bank Group covering ten African countries. He played a key role in a number of strategic initiatives, notably, the establishment of the first court connected ADR Centre in Africa; the introduction of the Court of Appeal Mediation Programme; and the University of Lagos-NCMG College of Negotiation.