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Stakeholder Response

While acknowledging all the benefits and values that IMI can bring to mediation practice internationally, it really is just the beginning of the exciting process of mindset change that people need to experience so that we switch from win to resolve, from fear to trust and from destruction to collaboration. IMI has my full support.

Tina Monberg

Tina Monberg


Director, meditioncenter a/s
Author, Confliktens Redskaber (Toolbox of Conflicts)

For the duration of one year I was employed in the Ministry of Industry. For the duration of eight years I had my own law company in Copenhagen with 12 employees. S pecialized in commercial law and bankruptcy . I worked together with the Danish Bar and Law Society to implement mediation in Denmark. In the Danish Bar and Law Society I was responsible for making a seminar for app. 100 lawyers and judges to find out whether or not to implement mediation and ADR in commercial cases. This seminar was the beginning of commercial mediation in Denm ark and later on the founding of the association for lawyers working as mediators, called “Mediatoradvokater”. For the duration of two years I was a member of the board for the association ”Mediatoradvokater” that is a part of the Danish Bar and Law Socie ty.