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IMI Board

Board of Directors

It was decided by the Founding Institutions that the Chair of IMI should always be someone with a background as a leading corporate user of mediation. Wolf von Kumberg of Northrop Grumman was appointed as the first Chair in 2007, followed by Michael McIlwrath of General Electric in 2008, Patrick Deane of Nestlé in 2010, Ute A.Joas Quinn of Shell, and later Hess Corp, in 2011 and Deborah Masucci of AIG in 2013. 

All current members of the IMI Board are:

Deborah Masucci, (Chair) Formerly AIG, New York

Cyril Dumoulin, (Secretary), Shell, The Hague

Harold Coleman, American Arbitration Association (AAA) , New York

Kehinde (Kenny) Aina, Aina Blankson LP, Lagos

Andrea Carlevaris, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) , Paris

Malik bin Rabea Dahlan, Institution Quraysh for Law and Policy (iQ)

Susanne Gropp-Stadler, Siemens AG

Isabelle Hautot, Orange, Paris; Chair, CCIAG

Karl Hennessee, Airbus Group SE, France

George Lim, Wee Tay & Lim, Singapore

Lim Seok Hui, Singapore International Arbitration Centre

Karl Mackie, CEDR, London

Michael McIlwrath, GE Oil & Gas, Florence

László Molnár, B.M Consulting Ltd, Hungary

Sriram Panchu, Senior Advocate and Mediator, India

Kimberley Taylor, JAMS, New York

Wolf von Kumberg, Northrop Grumman, London

IMI Board Timeline